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Pizza is its own food group. It’s got all the essentials of a well-rounded meal. You’ve got the carbs from the crust, protein from the meat, veggie from the tomato sauce, and dairy from the cheese. It’s pretty much the ultimate savory snack, lunch, dinner, or even breakfast sometimes (cold pizza anyone?). There’s even a man who’s been surviving on pizza alone for 25 years.

But has pizza ever been classified as a dessert?

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Alas, the world’s first pizza ice cream has arrived. The mad geniuses that created it are actually people you’ve probably heard of before. Coolhaus has been making their crazy flavored ice creams since 2008, and have a fleet of ice cream trucks currently operating in Socal, New York, and Dallas. They’ve got two brick and mortar stores in Los Angeles, one in Culver City, the other in Pasadena, where they’ve been serving up their newly concocted, pizza ice cream. How do they do it? Well, it all starts with a creamy mascarpone and olive oil base. Sun-dried tomato and fresh basil are added, and the mixture is finished off with a pinch of salt. It’s pretty much the perfect recipe for a delicious frozen margherita pizza. How have people been taking it? In an interview with Munchies, CEO Natasha Case says that almost everyone who comes to the Culver City shop actually tries the pizza ice cream. How are they able to get away with it? Case also states that their most popular flavors have always been the savory ones, including the Fried Chicken & Waffles, and Brown Butter Candied Bacon. It’s like having a meal and dessert at the same time. Recently they’ve even come up with a Reuben ice cream sandwich. It’s got Caramelized Pastrami ice cream sandwiched between marbled rye whoopies. Whoa, now that’s gnarly.

Due to the popularity of their savory flavored ice creams, Coolhaus is now developing a line of breakfast-inspired flavors. Looks like now we’ll all have an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast.

Have you tried the pizza ice cream? 

Can pastrami ice cream be considered gourmet, or is it taking the whole sweet and savory thing too far?

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