Modern Times is Coming to LA

The popular San Diego-based brewery will be making moves next year to LA where they plan to open a pilot brewery, along with a restaurant and specialty coffee shop. The announcement was made on their Facebook page a few days ago.

Modern Times has not disclosed a specific location yet in LA, but they did give us a few clues as to what to expect at their new location. “Crazy one-off beers, decadent vegan food, and mind blowing espressos, pour-overs and cold brew” will be offered at the restaurant/coffee shop.

With Lagunitas recently announcing plans for a new brewery in Azusa, and Firestone Walker slated to open in Venice soon, it’s easy to see why Modern Times is joining the larger breweries in its expansion into LA. This year, Modern Times has grown tremendously in sales from selling 6,453 barrels in 2014 to over 16,000 barrels this year.

With this incredible growth, it only makes sense for the once small local Point Loma brewery to expand into a larger city. Started in 2013 by Jacob McKean and Derek Freese, the duo initially funded the company with a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, reaching $65,500. One year later, their Flavor Dome tasting room in North Park was opened and it is now a major destination for beer aficionados. Therefore it is no surprise that a brewery/restaurant/coffeeshop expansion into LA would be Modern Times’ next step into becoming a great craft brewery powerhouse.

Is Modern Times’ growth following in the footsteps of other craft breweries into selling out to the big boys? With LA’s Golden Road being acquired by Anheuser Busch, and San Diego’s Saint Archer selling to MillerCoors, is this the same trajectory that Modern Times is on? What will this mean for the craft brewing industry? Is growth possible without being swallowed up by the mega-breweries? Ballast Point, Stone, and Green Flash were able to become big and still hold their own, let’s hope that Modern Times can do it too.

What are your thoughts on local craft breweries being acquired? Is it “selling out” or is it growth? 

Shoutout your thoughts in the comments below. 

Featured photo: Modern Times|Facebook

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