Crazee Burger Strikes Back at Disgruntled Yelper

Looks like Yelpers don’t have all the say when it comes staining to a restaurant’s reputation. Yelper Ken W. recently posted a review about his recent experience at Crazee Burger.

Apparently, it wasn’t the best. He begins by criticizing the looks of the new location, saying that it looks like “auto repair garage.” The main criticism however, comes from the fact that his kangaroo burger which he had ordered “medium well,” had actually come out to be “a well done, crumbly, grey dried out [patty] that tasted nothing like kangaroo.”

Read the full review below:

“Went to the newly moved location today. The place looks much like an auto repair garage. Still that is not so important than the food that was served to me tonight. I ordered the Kangaroo burger. I ordered medium rare and the order taker wrote that down. What I got was a well done, crumbly, grey, dried out patties that tasted nothing like kangaroo. I’ve spent a lot of time in Australia and this was not what kangaroo should taste like. When I took the plate to the desk and showed them there was no pink, they offered to make another one but time had passed and it would have required a wait Plus, I have no desire to have the cook spit on a reorder because of his bad cooking.  The french fries were good but I doubt that I will go back there again. What is the point of going to a place that makes customer burgers when your request is not honored because the cook, and I don’t say chef has no clue how to make a medium rare burger?”

Someone’s not a happy camper. Crazee Burger decides to strike back at this angry Yelper by decorating their sidewalk sign in a rather creative way. It reads “Come In and Hate Us On Yelp Just Like…Ken W.”

Crazee Burger Bad Yelp Review Sidewalk Sign

It’s definitely an eye catcher and will certainly stop you in your tracks if your ever walking by 30th and Lincoln. Is it entirely welcoming? Not too sure about that. Maybe they switch out the name of a bad Yelp reviewer every week? Only time will tell.

It looks like Crazee Burger isn’t the only restaurant that’s “embracing” their bad Yelp reviews. Last year, David Cerretini, owner of Botto Bistro, an Italian restaurant in San Francisco, actually encouraged his customers to leave 1 star ratings on his Yelp page and even offered discounts for writing bad reviews. He was sick of being harassed by countless advertising sales calls from Yelp, and having his good restaurant reviews being manipulated by them, which they’ve recently been granted the legal power to do so.

Still, other restaurant owners have not taken their bad reviews very lightly. Recently, a restaurant owner in Los Angeles “accidentally” posted a very heated and highly inappropriate letter on their Facebook page, in response to a woman’s bad review on Yelp. In the post, Tyrone Lewis, owner of Sunset Terrace, calls the customer, Brooke L., an “Ignorant, Disgusting, Miserable, Lying, (insert expletive) Pig,” and even attacks her mother as being a schizophrenic “who got her meds mixed up.” The letter ends by demanding that her boyfriend break up with her so as not to “burden him with a half (insert expletive) child.”

Well…that’s one way to respond to a bad Yelp review.

Whether it’s embracing them, or purely going absolutely bezerk over them, bad Yelp reviews are something that restaurant owners just have to deal with.

Have you ever written a bad review? What is the appropriate way that a restaurant should respond? Tell us below.

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