5 Cheap Eats in LA For A Dollar

When it comes to cheap eats in Los Angeles, you’ve got your usual suspects: tacos, beer, and oysters…the list goes on. It’s clear that there is no shortage of places to eat at when you’re broke. That’s why we wanted to dive in a little deeper and present the cheapest of the cheap eats in LA. How cheap are we talking here? For just $1 you can find a whole world of delectable eats that will not burn a hole in your wallet.

For those of you who are broke, or get a high off finding the cheapest eats that money can buy check out our top 5 cheap eats in LA for only one dollar.

dollar-hits-filipino-skewers-cheap-eats-laSource: @bboy411
  1. Delectable Filipino skewers from Dollar Hits.
one-dollar-pupusa-cheap-eats-laSource: Yelp

2. Pupusas hot off the grill piled high with pickled cabbage in East Hollywood.

potato-balls-portos-bakerySource: @lorenzo_photography

3. Fried golden potato balls filled with Cuban spiced ground beef at Porto’s Bakery.

pizzanista-dollar-slice-cheap-eats-laSource: @rakerula

4. A GIANT slice of pizza from Pizzanista in the Arts District. Dollar slices are a day old, or if that weirds you out, let’s just say they’ve been “aged for 24 hours.”

diddy-riese-cookies-cheap-eats-laSource: @diddyriese

5. THREE deliciously chewy cookies in Westwood

So the next time your stomach is grumbling, there’s no reason to let money get in the way of satisfying that hunger. Check out Thrillist to get their full list of the best dollar eats in Los Angeles.

Are we missing something? Shout out your favorite dollar eats in the comments below!

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