Top 9 Best Hipster Toasts In San Francisco

Admit it. You were a hater, but now you can’t live without it. The “Hipster Toast” is definitely here to stay.

Other familiar names may include: Fancy Toast, Gourmet Toast, or just plain Expensive Toast. When the hipster toast first emerged a couple of years ago as the $4 toast, it was strictly a thing amongst hipsters. I mean, who would spend 4 whole dollars on something a 5 yr old can make at home? Only crazy people.

Well it seems like we’re all crazy now, being that $4 toast has become a primitive relic of the past. Today, the $4 toast has transformed into the $8.50, or even the $12 toast with gourmet fixings such as avocado and uni butter. Or how about the avocado toast topped with a perfectly poached egg, so that when you slice into it, a molten stream of creamy egg-yolky goodness transforms your morning breakfast into a scene from a soft-core food porn.

It’s time that we celebrate the best fancy, gourmet, and expensive toasts its birth city has to offer. Here are the Top 9 Hipster Toasts in San Francisco.

1. The Mill


Source: @ShefSherry

The Mill (pictured above) is credited for giving birth to the first hipster toast when they came out with the $4 toast. Josey Baker is the man behind the operation and yes that is his real legal name. What you’ll get is a nice thick piece of perfectly toasted toast, with a variety of nut butters, and jams slathered on top. Their toast offerings differ seasonally, but their dark mountain rye with cream cheese and country toast with butter and cinnamon sugar are always on the menu.

2. Jane On Larkin


Source: @EatingFeed

It’s located in probably the most sketchy part of town, but isn’t that where all the best food places are? Here, the hipster toast is covered with sliced avocado and topped with a soft poached egg. It’s topped with thinly sliced pickled jalapeños and onion and spicy micro greens, and is a refreshing take on the classic avocado toast.

3. Trouble Coffee


Source: @JackAvenue

Some say that Trouble Coffee is actually the true originator of the hipster toast. It’s known for being that obscure tiny coffee shop at the end of the N train in a faraway land called the Outer Sunset (like really Outer). The peanut butter is famously designed with a psychadelic swirl of honey. But most popular is the cinnamon toast which encrusted in the best combination of sweet, spicy, buttery, crunchy topping ever. Classic, but good. Real good. For those of you who don’t want to travel to beyond-effing-Egypt for your toast fix, there’s good news! Trouble Coffee has just opened a new location in West Oakland and it’s pretty white.

4. Mazarine


Source: Yelp

Located right on the central artery of San Francisco, this coffee shop brings a refreshing take on coffee outside of the Coffee Beans and Starbucks that line both sides of Market Street. Not only do they make some good coffee (they roast too!), they are responsible for bringing this beautiful avocado and radish toast into the world.

5. Cafe St. Jorge


Source: @LifeIsBananas15

This neighborhood cafe is tucked away in the quite hills of Bernal Heights. Part Californian, part Portuguese, Café St. Jorge makes all their pastries fresh in-house. Quality is key, and this includes the avocado toast which is topped with the largest mound of avocado to ever exist on any piece of toast. No skimping here.

6. Huxley


Source: @Huxley_SF

Another gem hidden in the Tenderloin, Huxley recently made headlines for their Avocado Uni Butter Toast. This is probably one of the fanciest hipster toasts ever created. Although this particular toast is no longer available, their current toast offerings are just as luxurious. Try the smoked trout toast with yogurt cream cheese, or the Mojama (tuna jerky) toast with egg.

7. Reveille


Source: @ReveilleCoffee

Bacon. Egg. Avocado. Toast. Can a breakfast get any better than that? Actually, yes. Pair it with a latté (c’mon you deserve it) made out of their own house-roasted espresso and you’ve got yourself the breakfast of champions.

8. Bartavelle


Source: @arlaaay

Okay okay, this hip indoor/outdoor coffee and wine bar isn’t exactly located in the city but it’s pretty close. If you’re tired of the same hipster toast day in and day out, make your way over to Berkeley to get your next fix. The avocado toast is served with olive oil eggs that are intricately topped with a dollop of aioli and a sliver of anchovy. If you’ve never had anchovies for breakfast, you are certainly missing out.

9. Farm:Table


Source: @FarmTable

This casual cafe is so tiny you’ve probably passed by it the last time you were walking down Post St. in Nob Hill. Their “Daily Toast” is exactly that. They do actually change it everyday, so you’ll never know what you’ll get. Toppings most likely would include creamy mascarpone topped with fresh fruit with the result looking more like a bejeweled fruit basket than breakfast toast.

Are you a fan of hipster toast? Where are your favorite places to get your fix? Tell us in the comments below!

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