12 Best California Burritos in San Diego

Thrillist’s food editor, Natalie Holtz, takes us on a tour of San Diego’s best California Burritos. Where does she get this intel? She recruits 8 local surfers who are California Burrito experts, because they basically live off these warm bundles of carne asada and french fry heaven. And why not? They’re the perfect portable meal. You got your carbs (tortilla), protein (steak), dairy (cheese) and extra carbs (french fries), which are vital for powering through a day of surfing. These California Burrito masters take us on a quest all over San Diego to find the best Cali burritos, including neighborhoods that you never would’ve guessed would top the list (ummm…Bird Rock?).

Of course a few of the good ol’ classic joints make the list including: the famous Lolita’s, Fresh MXN (formerly Santana’s), and Roberto’s. The list also includes a few lesser-known places that open late and just might become your next go-to spot…especially after a night of bar hopping and one too many whiskey shots in North Park and your gut is begging you for some must needed drunchies.

However, something remains to be unanswered, did Santana’s really invent the first California Burrito?

Read the full story and drool over the photos at Thrillist→

For all you other California Burrito masters out there, where do you like to get your fix? Tell us below.

Photo above by: Eric Molina|Flickr

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