Baguette Bros Bring New Wave Banh Mi to Convoy

Lemongrass BBQ Pork Banh Mi Baguette Bros
Lemongrass BBQ Pork Banh Mi

There’s a new sandwich shop in town that’s reinventing a traditional Vietnamese staple—the banh mi sandwich. Started by 3 brothers, Baguette Bros will be a “made to order” sandwich shop with quality and freshness being a key ingredient. Get ready for the new wave banh mi that’s about to hit Convoy.

One of the founders, Phu Phan, tells This Hungry City why he and his brothers decided to open a banh mi shop. When it comes to fast casual Vietnamese cuisine, pho is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But, although banh mi shops have been around, “they never got the explosive growth that pho did,” especially in San Diego. This is where Baguette Bros steps in.

Banh mi are infamously known for being mass-produced and cheap. Phu says that with traditional banh mi shops, the meat is usually cooked early in the morning and microwaved right before serving. When it comes to the sandwich itself, “the meat is very scarce and vegetables being non-existent…the quality isn’t there.” Thus, after about a year in the making, Baguette Bros. was born with the mission to bring quality “made-to-order” banh mi sandwiches focused on fresh ingredients within an elevated dining experience.

Chicken Satay Banh Mi Baguette Bros
Chicken Satay Banh Mi

The shop will definitely be a cool kids hangout. From fresh dripped Vietnamese-style coffee, to a craft beer list that will feature local brews from GreenFlash and Ballast Point, Baguette Bros will definitely be the go-to spot to grab a bite, crack open a beer and watch a game, or even get some work done using their high-speed wifi. The interior will have an industrial feel, including warm accents of rustic wood creating a casual, yet hip atmosphere with some cool coffee shop vibes. The Baguette Bros’ take on a banh mi shop will certainly be a far departure from the typical cafeteria-style places that offer little seating beyond just a few plastic chairs K’s Sandwiches (Rest In Peace).

Oh and remember that one time that Lee’s Sandwiches had to recall over 200,000 pounds of meat? Turns out the meat had never been inspected by the USDA. Yeah…not a good look for the banh mi industry. Well Baguette Bros is going to change our conceptions of this popular yet under appreciated Vietnamese sandwich, and here’s how.

Broguette Combo Banh Mi Baguette Bros
“The Broguette” Combo Banh Mi

To start off, the menu will feature 7 banh mi sandwiches. Their version of the original Cold Cut Combo, aka the Broguette, will feature their “aunt’s family recipes for the pork loaf and head cheese.” Phu claims that their sandwiches will be stacked higher than any banh mi that’s out there. Fusion inspired elements will also be implemented with creations such as the 5 Spice Crispy Pork Belly banh mi, and the Korean-style Bulgogi banh mi.

Is anyone’s mouth watering yet?

Breakfast Banh Mi Baguette Bros
Egg and Sausage Breakfast Banh Mi

For the early birds, the Breakfast banh mi will certainly be a huge hit, especially when accompanied with a cup of freshly dripped Vietnamese style coffee sweetened with condensed milk. For the vegetarian, don’t worry, you have not been forgotten. There’s a Lemongrass Tofu banh mi with that’s got your name written all over it.

Vegetarian Tofu Banh Mi Baguette Bros
Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi

Baguette Bros is about to open very soon. Checkout their Facebook Page to get the latest scoop and to get those tastebuds ready for some delicious banh mi sandwiches.

Banh mi lovers, which sandwich are you most excited about? Leave a comment below.

All photos provided by: Baguette Bros|Facebook

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