10 Rappers Who Own Restaurants

With the opening of Fring’s Restaurant, everyone’s got their eyes on Drake as the rap industry’s latest restaurateur. However, he’s not the only rapper to own a restaurant. From Chris Brown to Ludacris, and from DJ Khaled to Pitbull, there are quite a few rappers who own restaurants ranging from Burger King to upscale eateries. Check out these 10 Rappers that own restaurants.

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1. Fring’s by Drake

Drake is probably the latest celebrity to become a restauranteur. He’s partnered up with celebrity chef Susor Lee with the opening of Fring’s in Toronto. The launch party was quite the star-studded event with the likes of Jayden and Jada Smith, and Drake’s rumored girlfriend, Rihanna, in attendance. After months of suspense, and even a website that was locked by a secret password, Fring’s restaurant is officially open. It’s got an eclectic menu featuring classics such as New York Strip to a creative take on fried chicken (Southern Spicy Maple Fried Chicken in fact). Chef Susor Lee makes his signature with the Susor burger made with Canadian prime grass fed beef. Check out the full menu here.

2. Finga Licking by DJ Khaled

Another rapper that has broken into the restaurant industry this year is DJ Khaled. He’s opened the ultimate comfort food spot, “Finga Licking” in Miami Gardens. Here the focus is “soul food Miami style” where the focus is real home cooking. He’s partnered up with fellow rapper/producer E-Class to open up this joint, and are looking to expand into several locations soon. E-Class says that the goal is to attract a different audience that otherwise wouldn’t come to the neighborhood and to “provide good food for the community.” From collard greens, to sauced up chicken wings, and from grilled lobster tail to decadent red velvet cake—there is bound to be some finger licking to take place at this joint.

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3. Wing Stop by Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a franchise king and is a major investor in Wing Stop. He currently owns 9 Wing Stop locations that reportedly generate nearly $10.8 million in annual revenue. According to Business Insider, sales have even soared 9% this year. A major win for the recently turned publicly traded company. Perhaps his “lemon-pepper” endorsements may have something to do with that.   Jay Z and Beyonce at the 40/40 Club in NYC

4. 40/40 Club by Jay-Z

The 40/40 Club is a high-end sports lounge that doubles as a nightclub. Opened in 2003 by Jay-Z, it is the culmination of his love for sports and luxury. Although, the Atlantic City and Las Vegas locations have shut their doors, the NYC penthouse location is still flourishing—especially after receiving a $10 million upgrade in 2012. For the high rollers, it’s the ultimate place to watch the Knicks game at your very own table equipped with bottle service, of course. Apparently, these high rollers include presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton who recently dropped $15K in one night at the lounge. Photo: 40/40 Club|Facebook   Justin's Restaurant by P. Diddy in Atlanta

5. Justin’s by P.Diddy

Can’t talk about Jay-Z without mentioning P.Diddy too. Justin’s was P.Diddy’s upscale soul-food restaurant. Since opening in 1997, both NYC and Atlanta locations have shut down. Not surprising, since the reviews on Yelp only give Justin’s an average of 2 stars. From “overpriced food” to “you got to be kidding me,” it seems that restaurants don’t seem to be P.Diddy’s thing. Good thing he still got that Ciroc going for him.   Chris Brown Rapper owns Burger King franchises

6. Burger King by Chris Brown

Chris Brown owns 14 Burger Kings. It may not be the most glamorous business venture, but owning such a well-known franchise sure does bring home the bacon. Funny because, although 14 Burger Kings may not equate to Magic Johnson’s 30 locations, it’s still pretty significant given that the “Loyal” singer does not even eat beef (or pork for that matter). Photo by: Metro   Ludacris Rapper Straits restaurant Atlanta

7. Straits: Atlanta by Ludacris

Part platinum artist, part actor, and part restauranteur, there’s nothing that Ludacris can’t do. His first move into the restaurant scene was the opening of Straits: Atlanta, a partnership with Chef Charles Yeo who owns several Straits restaurants in California. The food was focused on Singaporean cuisine, with their signature dish being kung fu chicken lollipops. However, the rapper decided to close the restaurant after four years to open Chicken & Beer at the Atlanta airport.  

8. Fatburger by Pharrell

Pharrell loves Fatburger so much, that in 2007 he partnered up with the fast food burger joint to open 10 locations in China in 2007. However, only three locations still currently operate. 

Kanye and Kim own Burger King and Fatburger

9. Fatburger and Burger King by Kanye West

There seems to be a thing between rappers and Fatburger. Fellow Fatburger lover, Kanye West, bought the rights to 10 locations in his hometown of Chicago in 2010. He seems to be a fan of owning fast food franchises because rumor has it that he even bought wife, Kim Kardashian, 10 Burger King franchises located across Europe. Photoby: accidentalpapparazzi|Flickr


10. Miami Subs Grill by Pitbull

In 2012 Pitbull took part in the rebranding of Miami Subs, turning Florida’s largest fast-casual restaurant into Miami Subs Grill. It’s an updated version featuring a bar/lounge look, as well as an updated menu along with alcoholic offerings. The company partnered with the rapper to help rebuild itself after its glory days during the 90s. Pitbull now owns the expansion rights to Latin America and the Caribbean. Photo by: Broward Palm Beach

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